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okay friends...


oh man.. I have such a special place in my heart for weddings. I LOVE LOVE and anyone who has ever met me will tell you the same thing. If I could make money being your designated bestie on your wedding day, I totally would (you can definitely hire me for that).

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Petruzella Elopement

Petruzella Elopement

videography holds such a special place in my heart. It is where I got my start in all of this. I love capturing weddings in a very candid, and organic way. I love a cinematic film style which you will see consistently throughout my videos - everything looks better in slow motion if you ask me. also, we will DEFINITELY end the day as besties. guaranteed.


so if this sounds like something that you would be interested in and you like the look of my wedding films, I have listed my pricing below for you to check out! I have offered different packages over the years but I have decided to only offer one package going forward. I am accepting only a very small handful of weddings and I have done this to ensure that I am excelling in my niche, keeping my turn around time short, and giving you the perfect wedding film every single time.

I can not WAIT to talk with you my friend. 

okay you guys...



This package is perfect for my friends who don't want a lengthy video. This video is short, sweet, and to the point. It includes the best shots from each and every moment through the day. This video is not catered to the couples who have personalized vows, notes, or speeches that they want included in the video. Some people prefer this because they don't like the sound of their voice over the video (I totally get this). It will have some ambient sound from the day (giggling, birds chirping, etc) but other than that, it's just music and beautiful footage (mostly slow motion, cinematic footage).

7 hours of coverage

3-5 minute cinematic highlight of the day set to music

Full ceremony edit

Delivered in 4 weeks

THE CLASSIC - $3,250

8 hours of coverage

6-8 minute wedding video

Full ceremony edit

5k drone footage included in your video

Delivered in 5 weeks

This is my classic package and the one that I have made the most of. It is similar to 'The Highlight' in that it is a cinematic highlight or recap of your day. Since you will receive a 6-8 minute video, it allows me to include a bit more footage from each special moment through the day. I pick footage that I feel best represents each section of the day. This video includes more audio from the ceremony and/or personalized vows or notes from the day as well.


All Day Coverage

10-12 minute wedding video

Full ceremony edit

5k drone footage included in your video

Raw footage of all first looks

2-4 minute teaser highlight within 2 weeks 

Delivered in 6 weeks

This package is for the couples who want nothing left out. With this package you get a wedding video that is extremely representative of your day. The video you will receive is the perfect mix of documentary style editing paired with cinematic hits and moments to keep the video upbeat and to hold attention throughout. It will include more audio from big moments from the day such as ceremony audio, vows/notes, speeches, etc. 


You'll also get a 2-4 minute highlight teaser within 2 weeks of your wedding day. This video is where I take all of the most beautiful clips from the day, color grade them, put them in slow motion, and set them to music. no crazy editing, just beautiful clips from the day. This video is not necessarily inclusive of every moment from the day, just the most beautiful footage from the day. This is just to build excitement and anticipation for your final video. 

If you would like to book, have any questions, or want additional info, head over to the 'inquire' tab and shoot me a message! I have a 'what to expect' wedding brochure that gives the breakdown on my processes and pricing that I will send to you in response to your inquiry.

*There is a contract that must be signed as well as a 20% nonrefundable deposit due at booking
*travel fees may be added to the total price depending on location