Oh man.. I have such a special place in my heart for weddings. I LOVE LOVE and anyone who has ever met me will tell you the same thing. If I could make money being a full time hype gal on wedding days, I totally would. I love capturing weddings in a very candid, and organic way. I love a cinematic film style which you will see consistently throughout my videos. Also, we will DEFINITELY end the day as besties. Guaranteed.


So if this sounds like something that you would be interested in and you like the look of my wedding films, I have listed my pricing below for you to check out! I have offered different packages over the years but I have decided to only offer one package going forward. I have done this to ensure that I am excelling in my niche and giving you the perfect wedding film every single time.

I can not WAIT to talk with you my friend. 



  • 8 hours of video coverage ($75 per extra hour needed)

  • 4-6 minute wedding film set to music

  • Raw footage of the entire ceremony to have for keepsake

  • Drone Footage of the venue

It takes about three to four weeks after the wedding to receive your video. If you would like to book or have any questions, head over to the 'contact me' tab and shoot me a message! I have a what to expect wedding brochure that gives the breakdown on my processes and pricing that is available upon request.

*There is a contract that must be signed at booking*


IGTV/Tiktok Sized Version of your Wedding Video

This is something that I have just recently started offering in order to maintain video sharing across all platforms. Normal wedding videos are 1920x1080 (landscape), this video will be 1080x1920 (portrait) meaning that it will be sized to fit your phone which is beneficial for platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. You will be able to share your video across all platforms in a way that agrees with those platforms.


Just You Two

This is so fun. You pick out a song and I edit together a 1-2 minute video of the cutest clips of you and your boo from the wedding day! I usually have so much footage of the bride and groom that a lot of it goes to waste when I am picking and choosing what makes it into your wedding video. This way you can have something special that showcases just you two.




Wedding Film


Raw footage from your ceremony edited together for you to have for keepsake.

Sneaky Photos

I usually grab a handful of photos throughout the day to use for video covers and promotional purposes.. I will send you whatever I get!

All of the

Tons of laughs and memorable moments to be documented in the most organic way possible.

A 4-6 minute wedding film set to music which highlights your most special day.