About me


First off, THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to look at my website. I am so grateful for the support that you are lending to this little business that I have worked so hard for.

My name is Lauren Roddam. I have been playing with cameras for over five years now. I have a bachelors degree in Communication with a focus in digital cinema and television as well as a minor in marketing from the University of South Alabama. I started in sports cinematography at South Alabama and have now ventured into other areas such as weddings, lifestyle, real estate, etc.

I specialize in wedding and sport videography as well as content branding for a wide range of businesses. As for photography, I love nothing more than showing you just how beautiful you are in the most candid way possible. No joke, I usually cry as I edit my wedding videos and smile like a goof while I edit your photos. 
I believe that videography and photography is all about storytelling in the most organic and natural way. I love working on new projects so if you need a videographer to tell your story or a photographer to be your hype man, I am your gal! Let's be friends and get your story in front of a camera. Oh, and you best bet that we are forever friends after working together too! Contact me for any inquiries or pricing information of any sort. I would love to work with you! 

Let's hang out!

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